Wellness Program

What exactly can you expect from our
Wellness Program?

All blood donations undergo routine testing:

    Results from blood pressure, total cholesterol, hemoglobin and blood type are provided after donation.

Materials promoting healthy behaviors:

    Information on cholesterol, blood pressure and cardiovascular disease risk PLUS the ability to track test results over time with each blood donation.

Have you previously donated with us?

Check your stats here! Eat healthy and stay fit!

Stay Healthy With These Tips

Get on track to a long, healthy life by trying these suggestions and learning about how your habits affect your blood!

  • Put down the controller and meet with your friends for a pickup game of your favorite sport.
  • Instead of ordering value french fries at the local fast food restaurant, wait until you’re at home to eat a snack.
  • Sign up for a sport or get involved in your community during your spare time.
  • Instead of driving your car to a friend’s house, ride a skateboard or bicycle.
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